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A young group of monster fanatics attempt to save their hometown from Count Dracula and his monsters.

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original title: The Monster Squad

genge: Action,Comedy,Fantasy,Horror



duration: 1h 19min

tags: Call them for a monster-ous good time.

budget: $12,000,000

keywords: horrorforchildren, thewolfmancharacter, frankenstein'smonstercharacter, vanhelsingcharacter, mummycharacter, draculacharacter, childwithagun, gun, monster, dracula, amulet, friend, mummy, creature, va







































One hundred years ago, Dracula and other monsters survive to the attack of Dr. Van Helsing and his men to his castle with a magical amulet. In the present days, Dracula travels to the United States and arrives in a small town. He summons the Werewolf, the Mummy, the Swamp Thing and Frankenstein's creature to help him to retrieve the amulet. In the town, a man claims that he is the werewolf and goes to the police station to ask to be locked up in a cell. Meanwhile a mummy vanishes from the local museum and police detective Del is assigned to investigate the case. When his son Sean, who is a monster fan, learns the news, he joins his friends Patrick, Horace and Rudy in his monster club to read a Van Helsing's journal that was given by his mother. However the book is written in German and they are not able to translate it. So they asks for help from their weird neighbor that they call Scary German Guy and they discover that they need to recover the amulet and a virgin to get rid off Dracula and the monsters. Meanwhile Sean's little sister Phoebe, who is unsuccessfully trying to join the club, befriends Frankenstein's creature. The unlike group brings Patrick's sister, who claims that is virgin, to read the passage that sends the monsters to the limbo. Will they be successful in their intent? Young kids form a club that is devoted to monsters, but soon get more than they bargained for when Count Dracula adjourns to Earth, accompanied by Frankenstein's Monster, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and the Gillman. The uglies are in search of a powerful amulet that will grant them power to rule the world. Our heroes - the Monster Squad are the only ones daring to stand in their way. Bunch of savvy kids that have their own secret club, a neat treehouse base and end up on a spooky adventure trying to stop supernatural could say this has a 'Goonie' influence. Hell the young boys even have a fat kid amongst their ranks and he wears loud brightly coloured shirts too.

The plot is hammy as hell but it is suppose to be a homage and twist on the classic B-movie horror genre and of course Universal horror monsters. Putting all the big name supernatural beings together and sticking them in the 80's (present day back then). All the classic monsters including Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, Gill-man, the Wolf Man and The Mummy teaming up to try and take over the world with a supernatural amulet, only the kids can stop them. The only way they can be stopped is to open a portal into limbo and kick them through...this whole idea visually looks identical to the portal sequences in the 'Evil Dead' franchise.

So the whole thing is really cheesy and silly as it is suppose to be a kids flick, but it is??. There is actually some quite edgy scenes in the film with visible blood and body parts! when Wolf Man gets blown into pieces for example, nothing much hidden. Some scenes are also a bit scary for the younger viewer in my opinion. Again Wolf Man attacking people and transforming in classic 'American Werewolf' style, stakes through various hearts with blood, Dracula trying to actually kill the kids and the makeup doesn't skimp with realism.

The monsters all look as they should in classic style but they certainly aren't tame by any means. Wolf Man has a much wilder vicious look which is pretty scary, Gill-man is the best if you ask me, he looks terrific, whilst Frankie is as expected as is The Mummy. Its only Dracula who doesn't really thrill, the casting seems a bit off to me, the guy in the role just doesn't look right, he's too young and 'modern' looking if you get me. There are also Dracula's vampiresses who look as you would expect but they have no purpose in the film, kinda under used idea really, clearly crammed in.

Naturally there are plot issues a plenty which don't really matter but they do stick out. Why exactly does Dracula have Frankie in the first place?. Where did Dracula get that big black slick custom hearse?? he's only been in the US about one day! and how did he get a hold of that big mansion? is it his??. The most obvious to me was why exactly Gill-man, The Wolf Man and The Mummy all joined Dracula in the first place, they all just appeared and teamed up. So before hand what exactly did Gill- man do? he just like...lived in the swamp? how did he and The Mummy know Dracula had arrived in the region? I'm guessing it was his supernatural powers. None of the monsters have any real backstory, it all just happens.

The silliest of all was in the finale when Van Helsing appears from the portal to drag Dracula through it. But if Helsing was in limbo how did he get out to do that? and wouldn't he wanna try and stay in the real world once getting out?! I'm pretty sure it wasn't easy.

Its certainly a strange beast this film, its hardly for kids with the blood, monsters and Dracula going around snapping cops necks, yet it is aimed at kids with the young 'Goonie-esque' line up. The young cast are good but the whole time you can't help but think they really wanted Corey Feldman, Haim and Astin in the main roles. Pretty much cast everyone from 'The Goonies' in this and while you're at it call it Goonies 2. End of the day the film was just an excuse to bring back all the classic B-movie monsters and have them looking top dollar with modern makeup (for the time of course). And it works plain and simple, the plot is daft with many holes but it doesn't really matter, its a flick for ghoulish monster lovers with a touch of Indy adventure for good measure.

8/10 It has dated awfully, but this movie is a hell of a lot of fun for people of all ages.

Plot In A Paragraph: Dracula is back and he has brought some of his friends with him. A Mummy, The Creature From The Black Lagoon, A Werewolf and Frankenstein's Monster. He is looking for an Amlet (that will let him rule the world!! What else??) and Van Helsing's diary. Luckily for us mortals, Van Helsing's Diary, is in the hands of one of the members of The Monster Squad.

It borrows heavily from movies such as "Goonies" (Heck the mother of the leader of the Monster Squad, is the mother from "Goonies") and Gremlins, but it deserves to stand I is own merits. My fifteen and eight year old were both entertained and enjoyed it, and dare I say I'm sure more than a few people may shed a slight tear at the end. Sharper than a stake in it's genre references, The Monster Squad appeals to cinephile as well as teen sensibilities. There's only one way - shoot him with a silver bullet! Even throwing him out of a window onto a bomb (or dynamite) won't work or old age.

Answer: Folklore says werewolves can be killed by silvers bullets and by removing the brain or heart from the body.


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